New tyres to rear axle, avoiding VCU failure.

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  1. Kevin Fuller says:

    I am new to this group, so far I have been unable to see any members? look at anything to do with freelanders (or anything) nor any forums, I can see the odd note suggesting content is restricted due to my membership level??? I didn’t know there are different levels? or things one might see by way of a subscription? so if anyone can clarify this.. I would be grateful, cheers

    • Mike Pitt says:

      Hi Kevin. Sorry for the delay, all comments are cleared first for spam prior to publishing. There shouldn’t be any access issues, but if you’re experiencing difficulties, contact me directly on the Club email address. Thanks.

  2. I am new to the group and am in the process of purchasing a 2001 Freelander, TD4, HSE, Auto+, with 48,000 genuine miles on the clock.
    The owner has pointed out the problem with the VCU on our test drive and attempted to get a reaction whilst cornering hard around a roundabout, I could barely hear something from the rear, regarding what I’ve read about the VCU lasting only 75,000 miles, have they at all redesigned the unit to last longer and what would you estimate its replacement cost in a garage.

  3. Thank you mike for the reply, having now purchased the LHD Freelander TD4 here in Spain, the kilometers are in the region of 117,000 km, which equates to 72,700 miles.
    On the test run when cornering hard I detected a thumping noise from the rear, the seller was aware of the problem and in no way tried to conceal it and reduced the price by €1000- to cover the cost of a new CVU.
    Ref tyres effecting CVU’s, the tyres still have a good tread depth,the front slightly less than the rear but how much would the depth difference twixt front and rear bear upon the CVU as I’m contemplating swopping the tyres around front to rear, I need to be assured rather than unecessarily buy 4 new tyres.
    One more point, the drivers seat cannot be lowered which I find odd, the Drivers Handbook is in Dutch being no help, where can I buy a handbook in English.

    • Mike Pitt says:

      Don’t swap the tyres front to back, the newest tyres with the most tread should always go to the rear. (Always have the same tread pattern on the same axle, and change in pairs if you can)
      If you need a new front tyre, then, bring the existing rears forward (as a pair) putting new tyres (as a pair) on the rear axle.
      I have always thought it strange that there is no seat height adjustment either. Even on mine ,the top model at the time, it is only fore and aft adjustment.
      Drop me a line on email and I will see what we can do about finding you an Owners Handbook in English. Cheers

  4. Tony Woolley says:

    As a new member please forgive me if i’ve posted my question in the wrong place.
    Does the above apply to a 2010 “s” model without the terain response system and is the “s” model as good offroad as those with the terain response system?
    Ideally i’d of liked to pick up a higher spec but this one in the ten years of it’s life has only covered 15,443 coseted miles so decided i could not pass it by.
    Many thanks in advance
    Tony Woolley

    • Mike Pitt says:

      Hi Tony. It is only applicable as far as I understand to Freelander 1’s (1997-2006). It is a technical article written by a Club member. Freelander 2’s employ a Haldex instead of a VCU unit. I hope that helps.

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