The Freelanders First Club is for Freelander owners, and for enthusiasts who are looking for information about Land Rover Freelander 1 and 2 models; Also to inform about shows and Club meets throughout the UK (although COVID has had an impact on those plans currently). Our 'Sister' groups, the Freelanders First, The Camping and Caravan Club, and First Freelander Ladies are aimed at those who enjoy their leisure time with a caravan or trailer tent, with the First Freelander Ladies primarily for Ladies who want more from their vehicles, but free from the "Male Opinion" which sadly often isn't helpful..

The last group Freelanders First Club - Sales, Services and Wants Page is for virtually anything Freelander related, and can be offered here. (please read the Rules regarding criteria)

All Freelander owners are welcome to join any of the clubs via the Facebook page run by the Freelanders First Club, (please be sure to answer the application questions, and the read the rules upon acceptance.)

Freelanders First Club will raise awareness of our supported Charity, The Air Ambulance. Club sales proceeds will go to support the Charity.

Please go to the Registration page and sign up*. Answer ALL the profile questions fully and accurately .. NO aliases, NO nicknames, your FULL NAME is required,
Understand that failure to comply WILL result in YOUR removal...Please don't declare yourself a member of Freelanders First Club if you're not ... All applications will be checked and edited where necessary.

*NOTE: Answer the Application questions fully and accurately with the information requested. Any 'suspicious', 'incomplete', 'inaccurate' or 'spam-bot' applications will be denied or removed. This is to prevent Scammers, Spammers and Trolls. Regular 'Housekeeping' is performed, and incomplete profiles will result in removal.

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