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    Alexander Holmes

    How to check Coolant level by Zoe Holmes.

    The antifreeze coolant level is very easy to check (See picture A) as you can see the level through the tank itself. Mine as you can see looks low but I’m on a hill and mine is the orange/red colour this antifreeze coolant is organic acid technology (OAT). I believe the green/blue is in-organic acid technology (IAT) and I think there’s another one but not quite sureon the name. But anyway topping up is ready simple. Make sure the car is as level as possible and cold if you have just taken a run out this will be hot and can burn you when you take the cap off. Always make sure the car is cold. Unscrew the cap and fill to the maximum line or just underthe maximum on the tank. And it’s done. Simple!!! Antifreeze coolant help to stop water freezing in cold weather and helps to stop the car from overheating. Plus it helps to prevent corrosion with in the engine.

    Now if you find that you are having to fill this tank up a lot. It’s possible you may have a leak. Itmaybe it’s a pipe/hose. Or it could be the water pump, radiator or as with one of my cars thehead gasket that’s gone.

    Image A

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