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    Alexander Holmes

    How to Check, and refill your screen wash by Zoe Holmes

    Well the screen wash level is located here (See picture A) and is easy enough to fill. You canbuy the premixed or the concentrated. If let’s says you have run out you can fill a old large pop bottle up with water and a few drops of washing up liquid. Just make sure you wash the bottle out first. Now once you pop the cap on the filling tank have a look down the neck you should see a little wire filter. Some have them some don’t. It helps stops any large foreign objects from blocking the pipes. Now if you don’t already know this lever (See picture B) when pulled forward and held activates the screen wash. Mine at the moment isn’t working I believe it’s the motor that’s gone as I get a burning smell and when I replace it I will do another how to for this. Now back to filling the tank. Once you have popped the cap just pour the wash in. I tend to fill to just below the filter. And there you go screen wash tank is filled.
    Also a little tip went the cold months start to come in and the cold weather I add a little bit of antifreeze to stop the water from freezing up.

    Picture A

    Picture B

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