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    Alexander Holmes

    How to Change your remote fob battery by Mike Pitt

    Image A

    It is easier to do with the fob separate from your keyring. You will need a small flatblade screwdriver to prise the case apart.

    Image B

    Gently prise the top of the case from the base.

    Image C

    Prepare your replacement battery (In this case a Duracell CR2032)

    Image D

    Gently ease out the old battery (In this case a Panasonic CR2032)

    Image EImage F

    Insert the new battery, ensuring correct polarity of course.

    Image G

    Then clip the two halves of the case back together again. Job done.

    Take the fob to the vehicle and press the ‘open’ button repeatedly, until the vehicle responds and locks/unlocks as before.

    Remember: We can supply the batteries required. Just PM Mike Pitt on the Facebook page. Paypal accepted.

    NB: I make a note of the month/year I changed the battery, at the back of the service record book.

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