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    Alexander Holmes

    Freelander 1 Bonnet release cable failure by Richard Steadman

    Image A
    Image A2

    Here’s an idea of what’s going on. The normal cable pulls in one direction (the indicated arrow) which rotates the latch. You need to pull in the direction of the red arrow but applying more force than the cable can.

    Image B

    If that doesn’t work you can tape something sturdier to the line shown, and use it as a leader to pull it through.

    Once done, it’s unlatched and you should be able to open the bonnet

    It’s the black arm you need to move, not the spring. The spring is just to return the arm back (when not seized)

    What do you have available? Tie-wraps, or Cable tie? If you do, hook the hoop part of a key ring and tie wrap make a loop and hook the lever with the keyring, pull it at an angle slightly towards the passenger side so it doesn’t slip off (start a couple of grille holes across if that makes sense)

    Don’t forget to grease the latch and refit the spring. Use the wire/cord to pull and stretch it back into place through the grille.

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